Air Fright

Swift & Seamless Airfreight Worldwide

When time is of the essence, you can count on South Point Logistics to meet your most critical demands. We provide a comprehensive range of airfreight services that are customised to your needs:

  • Priority Express Service with guaranteed time features
  • Day-Definite Consolidation Service with up-lift solutions
  • Door-to-Door Service minimises risks of delays or damages of cargo due to excessive handling
  • On-Board Courier Service from any origin to any destination
  • 24/7 Charter Service whether for full charter, partial charter or the AOG business

Complete Control. Complete Peace-of-Mind

If you are unsure of the proper packing, labeling and declaration requirements, we are able to perform these services for you on request. Additionally, our dedicated team of licensed customs brokers and import/export specialists are on-hand to ensure seamless import/export processes.

Our advanced real-time tracking system also enables you to have visibility of your shipments throughout its journey.

If you would like to make further enquiries on our airfreight services, or an appointment for a consultation, contact us here.